Hybrid Integrated Amplifier : Non-NFB Analogue pre Amp + PWM digital Power Amplifier. IR – IRS2092 with MOS-FET IRF14019H-117P by L/R independently. 75Wx2 (8Ω), 115Wx2 (4Ω) 120VA R Core transformer on Power supply with Fast recovery Diode &Filter capacitor. 2 x Balance, 4 x RCA input terminals. Remote Controller.WBT (EMDEN) Speaker Terminals, Gold plated RCA Terminals, Selected Key parts refinement & finest-tuning incl. Capacitors, 100Wx2 (8Ω), 130Wx2 (4Ω), CE & European RoHS complied.

Made in Japan


Output: 100W x 2 (8Ω), 130W x 2 (4Ω)
Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.15% (1kHz, 50W, 4Ω)
Frequency Response: 5 Hz ~ 100 kHz (±1 dB)
Input Sensitivity / Impedance: 0.9V / 10kΩ(Source 1, 2)
1.0V / 5kΩ(Source 3, 4, 5 and 6)
Gain: 25dB
S/N Ratio: 110dB (IHF A Network)
Power Requirement: AC230V 50Hz
Power Consumption: 56W (E60065) / 20W (Idle)
Dimension (Max): 420(W) x 98(H) x 243(D) mm
Weight: 7.0kgs