Soul Note


Wireless Music Amplifier : 2 x 100W(4Ω) Digital Amplifier, USB B Hi-Resolution 384kHz file reproduction, ASYNCHRONOUS Mode, DSD Playback, Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Receiver, Phono stage + RCA analogue input, OPT + COAX digital input, Full discrete Headphone Amp built-in.


Amplifier section: Rated output..100W+100W (4Ω, 20Hz~20kHz) 50W+50W (8Ω, 20Hz~20kHz), Compatible speaker impedance range4Ω~8Ω, Total Harmonic Distortion..0.03% (1kHz, 4Ω), SNR (inputshorted)Linear input.105dB (IHF-A), Frequency Response…10Hz~80kHz (-3dB)
Headphone output: Terminal…Standard 6.3mm stereo plug terminal, Maximum output level………≥190mW+190mW (32Ω, THD+N 0.1%)
Digital audio input: Coaxial…RCA×1 (0.5Vp-p/75Ω), Optical…Optical×1, USB…Type B (USB2.0), Inputsampling rate USB..32/44.1/88.2/96/176.4/192/352/384kHz,Digital coaxial/optical digital… 32/44.1/88.2/96/192kHz, Bit……….16/32-Bits
Analog audio input: Terminal…RCA×2
Other: Power Requirements SA300BC…AC220V/50Hz , Power Consumption…..50W (E60065) Measures….420(W)x96(H)x406(D)mm (Max),Weight……7.8kg


Pre Amplifier : Ultrafidelity fine-tuned sound stage of Power Transistor TO-220, with practical volume !! Wide range Non-Negative Feedback with 120VA R Core Transformer, Fast recovery diode. Versatile Amplifier for Pre, Headphone, even Integrated to drive loudspeaker powerfully. 1 x Balance, 3 x RCA input terminals. 2 x Pre-out 2.0V (10kΩ), Speaker 10Wx2 (8Ω), Headphone 3.0Wx2 (32Ω), WBT (EMDEN) Speaker Terminals, Gold plated RCA Terminals, Selected Key parts refinement & finest-tuning incl. Capacitors, CE & European RoHS complied.

Made in Japan.


Output: Speaker 10W x 2 (8Ω)
Headphone 3.0W x 2 (32Ω)
Preamp 2.0V x 2 (10KΩ)
Total Harmonic Distortion: Speaker 10W x 2 (8Ω)
Headphone 0.03% (10Hz~100kHz, 200mV, 32Ω)
Preamp 0.05% (10Hz~100kHz, 2.0V, 10kΩ)
Frequency Response: Speaker 5Hz~350kHz (+0/- 1dB, 1W,8Ω)
Headphone 5Hz~400kHz (+0/- 1dB, 200mV, 32Ω)
Preamp 5Hz~400kHz (+0/- 1dB, 2.0V, 10kΩ)
Input Sensitivity / Impedance: Line 1,2,3 – (H) 0.775V/5kΩ / (L) 4.0V/25kΩ
XLR – (H) 0.775V/10kΩ / (L) 4.0V/50kΩ
Gain: H: 22dB, L: 8dB
S/N Ratio: 115 dB (IHF A Network)
Power Requirements: AC 230V 50Hz
Power Consumption: 32W (E60065), 16W(Idle)
Dimension (Max): 420(W) x 98(H) x 243(D) mm
Weight: 6.0kgs


Hybrid Integrated Amplifier : Non-NFB Analogue pre Amp + PWM digital Power Amplifier. IR – IRS2092 with MOS-FET IRF14019H-117P by L/R independently. 75Wx2 (8Ω), 115Wx2 (4Ω) 120VA R Core transformer on Power supply with Fast recovery Diode &Filter capacitor. 2 x Balance, 4 x RCA input terminals. Remote Controller.WBT (EMDEN) Speaker Terminals, Gold plated RCA Terminals, Selected Key parts refinement & finest-tuning incl. Capacitors, 100Wx2 (8Ω), 130Wx2 (4Ω), CE & European RoHS complied.

Made in Japan


Output: 100W x 2 (8Ω), 130W x 2 (4Ω)
Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.15% (1kHz, 50W, 4Ω)
Frequency Response: 5 Hz ~ 100 kHz (±1 dB)
Input Sensitivity / Impedance: 0.9V / 10kΩ(Source 1, 2)
1.0V / 5kΩ(Source 3, 4, 5 and 6)
Gain: 25dB
S/N Ratio: 110dB (IHF A Network)
Power Requirement: AC230V 50Hz
Power Consumption: 56W (E60065) / 20W (Idle)
Dimension (Max): 420(W) x 98(H) x 243(D) mm
Weight: 7.0kgs


CD/CAS Player : CD 44.1kHz 16bit, CAS 44.1/48/96kHz 24bit. Dynamic Range 16bits..100dB or more, 24bits..120dB or more. CAS Mode with USB 2.0 B type Input (Computer As Source). Direct (Transport) mode/Normal mode select on Digital Out, Program function Remote. Aluminum Top/Side cover.


Format: CD – 16 bits
CAS – 16 bits / 24 bits
Sampling Frequency: CD – 44.1 kHz
CAS – 44.1 kHz / 48 kHz / 96 kHz
Frequency Response: 2 Hz ~ 20 kHz (+/- 0.3 dB)
S/N Ratio: 110 dB
Dynamic Range: 16 bits – 100 dB or more
24 bits
120 dB or more
Total Harmonic Distortion: 16 bits – 0.0015% (2 Hz ~ 20 kHz)
24 bits – 0.0006% (2 Hz ~ 20 kHz)
Channel Separation: 100 dB (2 Hz ~ 20 kHz)
Analog Output Unbalanced: 2.1 Vrms (Adapted Load Impedance 5 k Ohms or more)
Digital Output: 0.5 Vp-p / 75 Ohms
Digital Filter: 24 bits 8 times over-sampling
Analog Filter: 2nd order active type
Power Requirements SC300BE: AC 230 V 50 Hz
Power Consumption: 8 W (E60065)
Dimension: 420 (W) x 96 (H) x 373 (D) mm (max.)
Weight: 5.5 kg


CD Player : Burr Brown 1792A 24bit, Non-Negative Feedback full discrete balance Amp, 80VA Power R Core Transformer & Fast recovery Diode, Hi-speed double Darlington discrete Non-NFB power supply. Balance out terminal. Remote Controller. PCM1792A DAC IC, Non-NFB full discrete balance amp, 80VA R core, Transport mode for digital direct output, XLR, Wireless Remote. Gold plated RCA Terminals, Selected Key parts refinement & finest-tuning incl. Capacitors, Improved Heat Control & Power Consumption. CE & European RoHS complied, Made in Japan


Frequency Response: 8Hz~20kHz (+/- 0.3dB)
S/N Ratio: 105dB
Dynamic Range: 100dB or more
Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.003% (8Hz~20kHz)
Channel Separation: 100dB (8Hz~20kHz)
Analog Output: Balanced 5.0Vrms (Adapted Load Impedance 5kΩ or more)
Unbalanced 2.5Vrms (Adapted Load Impedance 5kΩ or more)
Digital Output: Normal 0.5Vp-p / 75Ω
Direct 0.5Vp-p / 75Ω
Digital Filter: 24bits 8X over-sampling
Analog Filter: 3rd order passive type
Power Requirements: AC 230V 50Hz / 30W (E60065)
Dimension: 420(W) x 98(H) x 221(D) mm
Weight: 6.2 kg


DAC Headphone Amplifier : Hi-Resolution reproduction 384kHz & DSD thru XMOS USB receiving solution. Bluetooth 4.0 supporting APT-X. Balanced & Un-Balanced Output for Headphone (Front) & for powered Speaker (Rear). Digital In (COAX, OPT), Analog In (CD) & Out (RCA, 3.5mm jack).


Output Level: XLR: 8.4Vrms, RCA: 4.2Vrms
Headphone Output Power: 190mW @32Ω
Recommended HP impedance: 16Ω ~ 600Ω
Frequency Response: 5 Hz ~ 80 kHz (- 0.3 dB)
S/N Ratio: 110 dB
Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.0015% (1kHz)
SNR 115 dB
Channel Separation: 105 dB
Input Sampling Rate / bit USB 4.1k/48k/88.2k/176.4k/192k/352k/384k/16~32Bit
COAX, OPT 4.1k/48k/88.2k/176.4k/192k/16~24Bit
COAX Input – 1 x RCA (0.5Vp-p/75Ω)
OPT Input – 1 x OPT (-24.0 ~ -14.5dBm peak)
Power Consumption: 15 W (E60065)
Dimension: 290 (W) x 98 (H) x 280 (D) mm (max.)
Weight: 3.6 kg